Is my cycle training obsessive?

What self respecting mother rolls her eyes at her son when he enthusiastically announces Saturday is a "big training" day but does she fancy a café recovery spin Sunday? Mid-turbo session after a 60 mile road ride, mine didn't get the most accommodating response. Then I thought back to a feature on anorexia on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour this week and to most normal humans, my strict training regime and food measuring is probably something to raise alarms. Two low carb days, three medium, one high and one cheat day per week, over 800 miles on the bike per month and weight session a week in the gym - measured portions, calculated carbohydrate intake calculated for every mile on the bike and all the protein shakes and bizarre eating habits to boot. My defence (an arrogant one): I'm a champion - that's what it takes. So at eight per cent body fat and weighing two lbs less than my mother who looks seven and a half inches up at me, am I healthy? Sadly many of the people interv...
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Nutrition: How to race with a hangover after drinking

New Year's Eve is the Le Tour de France for party-goers but as more people step into sport, New Year's Day cycling time trials or 10k running races are becoming more and more popular, creating a conundrum for amateur athletes. So how do you avoid being a race bore and let your hair down at night whilst still being able to lace up your shoes the following morning? The answer, as always is in preparation and beating the hangover begins before the first drink passes your lips. In brief: Fuelling your race AND your party
  • Carbohydrate rich pre-party dinner: the usual pre-race carb loading fodder - wholewheat pasta or brown rice.
  • Nibble your way through the party: Whatever you can get your hands on.
  • Sugar carb boost before bed: Chips will do it but porridge with jam is great.
  • Fast release carbs: Banana, natural yoghurt and muesli.
Preparing your body for a night of alcohol One drink - a pint of beer, 150ml of wine or a shot of spirit around 40 per cent proof - take...
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