Employed to promote entrepreneurship among students and graduates at the University of Lincoln, I was given a 14 month internship, a sizeable budget and a lot of freedom to experiment with ways to engage young people in the careers service.

My main role was to help students who wanted to become self-employed via the Enterprise Inc project but I also worked very closely with the rest of the careers service, taking the lead on several major events during the year.

Enterprise Inc is an externally funded project run by the University of Lincoln and I was allowed to take the lead on distributing the £149,400 of funding for students and graduates with new-start businesses.

Taking over the role, there had been a society set up to attract students to the careers service, however I ran several focus groups and found that students already had societies to be members of with sports and activities, didn’t want another one and certainly wouldn’t choose it over something they were already involved with.

My first role then became to remodel the way employability was presented to students. My research also showed that not many people knew what the careers service had to offer and some didn’t even know where it was, leading me to create a clear events calendar for the year.

Some of my main ideas were the Develop your Venture programme, a Freshers’ BBQ, Dress for Success and a revamped Enterprise and Employability Week. Being a recent graduate myself, I knew how hard it can be to sell some of the extra-curricular activities you have made the effort to get involved with via your CV, so worked closely with a colleague to develop The Lincoln Award.

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